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Give WordPress 4.1 a Try.  It is our go to content management system for websites we design. Everyone from tech startups to time tested fortune 500 newspapers use WordPress as their website management system.

WordPress released its 4.1 update in early 2015. With this update WordPress received a new look, themes, template tabs, pagination, dashboard features and multiple logins.


New Default Theme:

The new default theme aptly named Twenty-Fifteen. This theme integrates beautifully with the internationalization of WordPress. Noto Serif and Noto Sans are fonts that are also easily integrated with this theme because they both convert for multi-lingual use.  Other features include:

  • Custom Headers
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Color Schemes
  • Built-In Support for Social Buttons
  • Customized Controllers for Rendering your own Unique Controls
  • Template Tags to make Navigation easier in Template Configurations
  • Many themes include easy-to-use plugins that help with configuration of paging.


Dashboard Features:

Also, in recent releases, there were upgrades to the language pack support. Now users can download various language packs, which makes set-up and dashboard configuration easier.  Controversy has already arisen over one of the features in the dashboard. The Focus feature, which aims to assist users in an environment that is distraction free.  However, this feature, perhaps because of its controversial nature could be put under further consideration during final editing and revision rounds.


Photo editing was also made significantly more simple in the 4.1 release. In the previous releases, users found the pictures hard to align with other pictures


Drop down features started to load faster using the new script, which allowed the drop down features to be loaded only when necessary.


One other dashboard feature is the login settings. Management UI was included in the 4.1 upgrade and allowed users to view, in one screen, all of the sessions logged into on any system.  It also allowed users to log off of any session.

Developer Features:

New features have also been created for developers including a short list of the following:

  • _Query classes
  • Shared Terms
  • Security Updates
  • Mobile management updates (Making mobile use easier and more readily available on all platforms).

Updating your Current WordPress:

Upgrades affect all files and folders in your current WordPress installation. If you have made any changes to these installation files these changes will not be saved.  To preserve changes you may have made, be sure to backup all of your WordPress files. WordPress can be updated using a one touch automatic update, or a manual process, which takes more time, but can be customized to fit whatever you are looking for.


Installation can be done with a one touch – easy installation, found on the WordPress website, or through manual installation, done by installing individual programs and applications.


Manual Installation:

Manual installation can be done using a number of free FTP sites, such as Filezilla, which works on both Mac and Windows computers. If you do not know how to transfer files using an FTP upload path, there is a guide found on the WordPress site and various other locations online.


Also, before you start any installation or update processes, upload all files found in the wordpress folder in your directory to your website’s root directory. During upload, your FTP program should ask what you would like to do with duplicate content, always choose overwrite.  Next you will need to run the update script. When this is completed, reactivate plugins individually and your update should then be completed in full.


Final Release Timeline Drawback:

The final release of this WordPress update – version 4.1- is due to be released December 8, 2014; however, due to unforeseen, last minute updates and fixes, this version is expected to be released sometime during the week of December 8.  You can also look forward to updated videos, classes, and additional instructions that are sure to be released in the coming days and weeks.  As developmental bugs and other issues are found, you can expect that other developmental and full program releases are sure to follow.


That being said, according to developers and researchers, this is the most clear and concise WordPress update thus far and should be the easiest to use.  Try out this easy to use platform, if you are looking for a user friendly hosting site for your blog, or business.


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