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Social media has changed the way marketing will be looked at forever. It has brought about new ways to reach your target audience, how to hone in your target audience, and broadened how many you can reach. Now instead of just the community around your business, you can reach the entire world with a click of the button.

Facebook has recently released a new marketing addition that helps you to hone in your marketing campaigns very specifically. It’s called Facebook Flex Targeting and gives you the flexibility to change your audience for the ads you produce. You can now pick very distinct audiences for your ads and only they will see them. You can now know that your target audience is being reached with very specific criteria.

Why do You Need This Targeted Advertising?

The reason you advertise is to bring in more customers. Making sure your audience is reached is key in getting the word out to those who actually will use your products or services. The reasons you may choose to buy ads and targeted audiences include items such as you need to generate some leads, you need more traffic to your site or you just want to increase your steady traffic that hits your site. Either way, this new advertising will help you do it all.

What is Flex Targeting?

This new advertising product on Facebook allows you to get very specific with the audience your ad reaches. You can pick the specific criteria they need to meet for the ad to show up in their Facebook feed. This could include everything from the type of phone they use to the type of games they play and how old they are. You can get specific with the age group, male or female, where they live, and even if they have a 4G network on their phone.

You can even add more than one or two interests that the person has. This will hone in on their specific interests and help your ad show up on their feed. You can choose the behaviors you want picked up and it will target your audience even more specifically.

Example of an Ad

Take a look at this example of a golf selling company. They could pick down to people who know specific golfers such as Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods. The problem with that is that a lot of people who do not even play golf know these people. You want to go deeper. So think of items that only golfers would know and target those behaviors. Ask yourself the “no one else would” question.  Will they know who this person is or what this golf item is when no one else who doesn’t play golf would? Asking yourself that question as you create your ad will help you get right into the target you’re after.

You can see how great this is going to be for your advertising and marketing on social media with Facebook. You can get as specific or as general as you wish to be, depending on the criteria you place in the ad. This will surely help you to grow those leads, your business, and increase traffic to your site by pinpointing the ones you are after.

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