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10 Ways To Make Google Paid Ads Profitable

Did you know that you can use the data from Google Analytics to maximize your profits in Adwords? Identifying traffic numbers might be easy but utilizing the data to earn great profits will not be a walk in the park. This is why I decided to put together 10 ways that will be helpful during the pursuit to Maximize Your Profits from the Google. Compare profitability First, compare and analyze your goal completions of new and returning customers.  A majority of sales / leads will be from returning customers.  Once you know what your profit is (& lifetime customer value), you can decide on what you’d like each customer to cost you.  This is important to fully realize whether your campaign is costing you money, or providing value.  You’d be surprised how many small business’ don’t do this very important first step. Use events tracking to re-market Event tracking is a great way to maximize your profits. You can track visitors clicking on your website.  You will be able to create a new re-marketing audience that contains them.  For example, people who have purchased a product.  You can exclude them so you’re not showing ads to someone who purchased, lowering your cost.  Alternatively, you can target this group of people specifically with ads to purchase again.  This level of tracking will allow your ads to be more targeted and get more clicks because the ad is tailored to that specific person. Re-market by item visited rather than purchased Taking event tracking another step forward:  you should try increasing your sales by creating an audience comprising of individuals that did visit specific items in your website and spent some...

How To Write A Script For Your Web Video

Using a video is the fastest and most convincing way to tell the story about the business. This is the reason why developing great videos for a business is vital in any marketing effort. While business marketers play various roles, videography is one that is most dreaded especially for those who are new to it.  As a newbie, you may overlook the planning phase in a rush to shoot. But the foundation of a successful video is a killer script. But just how do you write an effective video script that will create the best possible video?  Worry no more as we are about to iron out everything here. The 3 Keys to Writing a Solid Video Script Start the concept with a brief Creating a brief will allow you and your team to develop and document answers for important questions to ensure that all those involved in creation of the video are reading the same script. It is a summary of the project goals and plan in the form of a questionnaire. The importance of starting with the brief is to ensure that the whole team makes progress at the same pace and in agreement because all were involved in developing the goals and plan. In the brief, the focus should be the goals, topic, and takeaways. There is no need to make the brief fancy, or to follow a specific formula. Instead, the questionnaire should include these key questions in order to craft an effective video script. What is the goal of this video? Who is the target market for this video? What is the specific video...

The 4.1 WordPress Update

Give WordPress 4.1 a Try.  It is our go to content management system for websites we design. Everyone from tech startups to time tested fortune 500 newspapers use WordPress as their website management system. WordPress released its 4.1 update in early 2015. With this update WordPress received a new look, themes, template tabs, pagination, dashboard features and multiple logins.   New Default Theme: The new default theme aptly named Twenty-Fifteen. This theme integrates beautifully with the internationalization of WordPress. Noto Serif and Noto Sans are fonts that are also easily integrated with this theme because they both convert for multi-lingual use.  Other features include: Custom Headers Custom Backgrounds Color Schemes Built-In Support for Social Buttons Customized Controllers for Rendering your own Unique Controls Template Tags to make Navigation easier in Template Configurations Many themes include easy-to-use plugins that help with configuration of paging.   Dashboard Features: Also, in recent releases, there were upgrades to the language pack support. Now users can download various language packs, which makes set-up and dashboard configuration easier.  Controversy has already arisen over one of the features in the dashboard. The Focus feature, which aims to assist users in an environment that is distraction free.  However, this feature, perhaps because of its controversial nature could be put under further consideration during final editing and revision rounds.   Photo editing was also made significantly more simple in the 4.1 release. In the previous releases, users found the pictures hard to align with other pictures   Drop down features started to load faster using the new script, which allowed the drop down features to be loaded only when...

Website Tips For Small Business Owners

There are so many things to think about when designing a website, it is hard to keep them all straight. Today we have found some of the best ideas from the best sites, developers and designers for your small business website.   It’s About Time Many small businesses forget that they only have a few seconds to make an impression on the target marketing reaching their website. In fact, the amount of time that most people spend on a small business website is about 5 seconds.  The best websites draw people in quickly and keep them moving throughout the site with engaging copy.   Call to Action These are the pieces of your website that can push your consumers to engage, such as call now, buy now, add to cart, etc. These are the pieces that drive action.   Leverage your Current Consumers Consumer testimonials, feedback, free shipping and good return policies are a great way to ensure that your customers are happy. Make these available and talk about them in obvious ways on your website.   Use Social Media Social media is a driver consumers these days.  Instead of believing the voice of the company, consumers, and more especially, young consumers listen to their friends. When the younger generation is talking about you on social media, your brand can explode literally overnight.   Ease of Use A user friendly design should be easy to navigate, with no dead ends, hard to find answers to questions or irrelevant information. The harder it is for people to find what they are looking for, the quicker they will be off of...

Web Design Hacks to Simplify your Life

When designing a website there are some tips and tricks that you should familiarize yourself with. These tips and tricks can save you time and hassle when it comes to designing a website. Of course, we always suggest having a professional web developer create your site. Global changes can be made easily by adding an asterisk as the selector in the code. This will apply global changes to the entire page, regardless of what the change is. While this is great during design, you should not keep this in your live code because of issues it could cause. Character count is another easy to use hack that can simplify the web design process. 45-75 characters are standardly the easiest lines to read. Use the asterisk tip to check the format and fix if necessary. Smushit is a digital image resizer that is handy if images are having a hard time loading quickly, or at all. This simple tool will make it easier to load images on digital devices as well. If this doesn’t work for you, give ImageOptim, another easy to use image resizer, a try. For exporting images from Photoshop that don’t need to be transparent – use filetype 8bit PNG. It retains the quality without the large file size. Use GuideGuide, a photoshop template that can help create columns and rows, and make your page custom without being too difficult to create. Visit Colour Lovers, a design site that can help with color schemes, designs and ideas. Adobe Kuler is a design suite that can also be helpful when deciding these things. One of the hardest things...

Which Type Of Mobile App Is Best For Your Business?

There are many technical ways to build apps for phones.  We can build  native apps completely on the platform’s (apple, android, etc.) own code, or hybrid apps which combine traditional website code that function similarly to a native app.  The choice really depends on what your goals are with the app and how much access it needs to the phones features. Hybrid Apps HTML is the most widely used language for app developers according to a recent report.  Using a common code base that is used widely by websites lowers the barrier to entry for a mobile app.  There are two types of hybrid mobile apps: Web View App Compiled Hybrid App Web View App There is a mini “browser” built into an app, that essentially displays a mobile optimized webpage in the app. Compiled Hybrid App The code is written in C# or Javascript usually, then gets converted into native code for each phone platform.  This will produce a native app, but you won’t be able to utilize some of the features a real native app would have.   Native Apps Native apps just “feel” smoother.  They respond to pinches, swipes, and taps much quicker.  Hybrid apps are still essentially websites where most of the “content” is not loaded into the app.  A request has to be made to a website server to download the info, then process it and display it on your screen.  This accounts for that slight pause that makes an app feel like a website instead of an app. Linkedin Mobile App Linkedin’s first mobile app was HTML5.  Great for mobile websites, but not the...
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