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40+ Amazing Facebook Tips and Tricks for Marketing and Advertising

Facebook, despite its fairly limited beginnings as a social networking service meant exclusively for Harvard students, has become one of the most ubiquitous and powerful online destinations. Nowhere is this potential more apparent and welcomed than in the field of marketing and advertising. The social network has become fertile ground for marketers, as the social network contains a built-in audience numbering in the billions and an infrastructure that offers effective brand-building and promotio, provided that one knows how to use it.   The last part is the catch – you have to know how to use Facebook for marketing and advertising. You can’t just go in there, create a page and blast people with ads and posts without any plan, rhyme, or reason and then expect your brand to blow up overnight. If you’re fairly unfamiliar with Facebook as a channel for promoting, or feel that you might be missing a few useful tricks, the following tips may prove useful:   Basic Tips: Facebook Advertising 101   The first order of business – and never forget that it is business, even when you’re in a social network – is to make sure that you have a direction, and that you have control over your advertising budget on Facebook.   Make Sure You Have a Goal in Mind – what do you want out of a Facebook campaign? Whether it’s better engagement with followers, increased page follows, or better clickthrough rates to your website, make sure you are always aware that each of these metrics will have its own inherent value. So choose one as your main objective before even...

Create a Content Promotion Plan that is guaranteed for Success

It is unfortunate that many novice marketers have the misguided belief that promotion only starts after the content creation and publishing phase. While this approach may have worked for some lucky marketers, the proper approach is to consider promotion as a process that runs in parallel to creation and should be built before the actual launch. To help make it easier to follow this process, you can rely on this guide for your next content promotion plan:   Planning Stage   This is the first stage. It consists of getting to know the target audience first as well as laying the groundwork for targeted messaging.   Audience Research – while this may be an added expense in terms of time and money, survey analysis is a must due to their usefulness. However, those under a limited budget can still do their own audience research by taking advantage of analytics data provided by previously published content, or on posts on social networks such as Twitter. This analytics data can be used to segment audiences with regard to the value they can get from the content. For instance, one set of audiences may be complete novices, while another set are veterans looking for a refresher. There are also influencers who no longer need to learn anything from your content, but would want to share the content in order to corroborate their own. These audiences need to be targeted differently and it helps if you can segment them. Communication – even before the start of content creation, you need to plan ahead with regard to the method you will utilize when communicating...
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