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The problem with marketing in today’s world is that its way too separated from sales. A lot of  businesses are marketing for the sake of it. Awards, headlines, social likes, and shares. They don’t track what is pushing sales. Creative is subjective, and the only one that’s right is the audience. The problem is traditionally companies have relied upon their lead creative and a branding team to decide where millions of dollars are spent. With so many ways to track sales online down to a specific split tested ad; why wouldn’t we test many different types of creative to see what works on each platform? The truth is, all this tracking turns the ads from being artistic masterpieces (according to the creatives) to what it should be… a green number, or a (red) number on a balance sheet.

3 Simple Things to Remember

When it comes to marketing, you should simply remember 3 things:

  • First, leave emotions at the door. Many were upset with the new Facebook organic reach drop. You can’t have your emotions tied to the advertising that you’re working on. When that happens you can lose the vision of what is taking place and miss that what Facebook did was the best pay product play in the marketplace.
  • Second, do more with less. Instead of spending $3 million on one television shoot, try spending ten $300,000 shoots to get to a lot more people. This helps you see what actually works.
  • Third, testing is learning. Remember that when you’re testing marketing, there’s a lot more learning than if it actually worked. There’s always learning and it can be very inexpensive learning with this proportional upside.
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