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When it comes to making a mark with your business, you must know the newest, hottest areas of the Internet. One of those is the short videos you see on Vimeo or Youtube. Placing videos on these sites can help boost your business and get the word out about your company. How do you go about creating these videos with the quality you want? Hire a professional video crew!


How Do You Go about Knowing What Type of Crew to Hire?

That’s where this guide comes in. Take a few minutes to learn the different types of video professionals out there and see which works for your company.

“Indie” Film Creators

This video professional is great for those who have a vision in mind of what they want their video to look like. If you’re sure you have a clear goal, these are the crew to go with. They basically will shoot your film and edit it for you with your goal in mind. They can range in price from around $1000 upwards of $10,000 depending on the video produced. They are a great cost-effective way to go about getting your video produced.

A Small to Middle Size Video Agency

These are great when you need more of a creative beginning to your video. These companies cover it all from writing, creating, shooting to editing the final product. They do come with a heftier price-tag starting at around $10,000 and up for your video construction.

Large Agency

When you need everything from marketing the video to creating and shooting it, it is the large agency you want. They do everything including the campaign for your video and getting it out for the world to see. When you want someone to cover all aspects of your video recording, this is the group you’re looking for. They do come with a high price for all that they offer but it covers everything you could ever imagine about your video campaign. You can expect prices to start at around $100,000 and go up depending on what you need.

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