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Recently, our team was asked to “put fannies in the seat” at a local Dr.’s office seminar for parents. While this office has generally relied on traditional methods of advertising such as radio and television, they wanted a method that could track what the advertising actually brought in . Here are a few ways we did just that and gave them traceable methods for their upcoming event.

Facebook Campaign

There were certain parameters we followed for our targeted Facebook campaign. First, these doctor’s services are not covered by any insurance plan. It is imperative that the family’s income be over $50,000 annually so they do not have any significant costs. We also targeted these ads to the parents with children ranging in ages from 3 years old to just under 18 years of age. Since this particular treatment is an alternative to traditional medicine, we focused our advertising efforts on promoting this as natural and organic. We also targeted those who are interested in the specific illness this doctor treats. Lastly, we focused the ads on those in a geographical radius of 25 miles or less from the doctor’s office’s zip code.

The Cost of the Registration

At the doctor’s request, we kept the cost of the seminar registration below $30 a piece. When you look at the actual average cost of the campaign, it was around $22 per sign-up for the event. While we were running the ads online, there was also a commercial ad running on the local Connecticut television station that cost a flat-rate fee of $1500 per month. When compared to the Facebook ads, around 6% of all registrations came from online ads while only 1.5% came from the television ad. These results show it is similar to using a scalpel for precise advertising instead of a shotgun approach.

Online Ad Competition

The level of detail that Facebook ads have offered have pushed the others to up their game. Vendors such as Google and Bing have had to offer new products that provide a better end game for the ROI expected for the advertising business. The competition has gotten quite fierce and shows no signs of slowing down.

Google’s Targeted Ad

Take a look at how Google now works when it comes to advertising. For example, you go to and look up your new dream Toyota that you want. You just flagged yourself as  a new car buyer. Now Google has “seen” what you’re interested in and will target the ads that show up to be new car buying ads. This marketing method targets the ads to what you’re searching for and gives the business an in-market audience feature.

To Sum it All Up

You want a marketing advocate on your side that doesn’t work on commission but knows how to work the ever changing market around you. Your online marketing representative should be skilled in tracking all the methods of advertising such as telephone calls, online ads, and organic visits. They will assist you in making sure you get the return on investment you desire and they’ll save you at least 50% of what could take months without the tracking advantage.

For example, if the televisions ads worked as well as running the online ads, how would we know that we could save you $1500 a month? For anyone who is currently advertising only on television and radio, I’m offering you a complimentary Facebook campaign (not including campaign spend) so you can see just what I’m talking about. Take advantage of this offer soon so you can see why so many companies like yours are already advertising on Facebook!

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