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Did you know that you can use the data from Google Analytics to maximize your profits in Adwords?

Identifying traffic numbers might be easy but utilizing the data to earn great profits will not be a walk in the park.

This is why I decided to put together 10 ways that will be helpful during the pursuit to

Maximize Your Profits from the Google.

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  1. Compare profitability

First, compare and analyze your goal completions of new and returning customers.  A majority of sales / leads will be from returning customers.  Once you know what your profit is (& lifetime customer value), you can decide on what you’d like each customer to cost you.  This is important to fully realize whether your campaign is costing you money, or providing value.  You’d be surprised how many small business’ don’t do this very important first step.

  1. Use events tracking to re-market

Event tracking is a great way to maximize your profits. You can track visitors clicking on your website.  You will be able to create a new re-marketing audience that contains them.  For example, people who have purchased a product.  You can exclude them so you’re not showing ads to someone who purchased, lowering your cost.  Alternatively, you can target this group of people specifically with ads to purchase again.  This level of tracking will allow your ads to be more targeted and get more clicks because the ad is tailored to that specific person.

  1. Re-market by item visited rather than purchased

Taking event tracking another step forward:  you should try increasing your sales by creating an audience comprising of individuals that did visit specific items in your website and spent some time on the page but haven’t made a decision to purchase yet.  For example, if someone visits a page about one of your five services, you can show ads that specifically target that service.

  1. Use the top source of traffic

This strategy can be applied to new visitors that come in via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other sites of referral. You should take time to investigate and identify sources of traffic that have the greatest conversion rate and use this to maximize your profit by creating a re-marketing audience specific to this demographic of people.

  1. Send people to a different page than where they left

A common practice is to send people back to the same exact landing page that they didn’t convert from.  Re-marketing allows you to send these people to a new offer that allows them to complete your goal.  This could be anything from a special sale price only shown to people who didn’t purchase the first time seeing it, or a different design on your landing page.

  1. Target mobile users that are relevant

Re-market specifically to mobile users with ads catering to them.  Tailor the ad copy and send them to a short landing page that is mobile friendly.

  1. Try in-market segments / look-a-like audiences

You’l be able to see what Google In-Market segment your re-marketing list is in.  With this information, you’l be able to target display ads to other people similar to those visiting your website and purchasing.  More On In-Market Audiences HERE.

  1. Split Test Ad Copy

Always split test ad copy.  Even if you simply change a color or one word.  Just 1 more click could mean another sale.

  1. Retarget users from browsers that are profitable

One browser may be generating quite a bit of sales.  Are iphone users most likely to purchase your product?  Your ROI showing ads just to them could be huge.

  1. Affinity Audiences (TV type advertising meets the web)

Google offers affinity audiences to match the type of targeting tv stations provide.  They allow you to take it one step further with custom affinity audiences:  keyword targeted audiences.  You can target marathon runners with ads about the latest in marathon shoe technology.

11.  Bonus:  Youtube TrueView in-stream ads

Use all of the above and apply it to a video to promote your business.  Use your re-marketing audience & make sure the first 5 seconds of the video really grab attention and keep it.  Every 10 seconds after is a fight to keep attention for another 10 seconds.

You can start with Adwords Express, however, if you have a small budget or aim to target locals or just need something more simple to try.

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